Seven Sacred Songs

From Martha Lopez, soprano: I wear many hats as a musician. For the last two years, I have worn the hat of Director of Music for a Roman Catholic church in southwest Florida. Week after week, we tend to the spiritual needs of those who are celebrating, those who are searching for understanding, those who are mourning. The pieces on this recording, such as the Ave Maria, are often heard at both weddings or funerals. Music such as this brings comfort to people regardless of the circumstances. May the music on this recording do the same for you. May it serve as a reminder of our indelible connection to the Divine.

Special thanks to Matt DeSear, Lurray Myers, Nikkei Golden, Zachary Johnson, Julia Guthrie, Vanessa Targino, LouAnn Gregory and the State College of Florida.  My heartfelt thanks also to my family, friends and colleagues who continually offer their love, support and encouragement.