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Yoga & Yoda

(6/7/2010) I felt very fortunate today as I was teaching a voice lesson at the college.  I have been teaching Summer A which is a compressed term and I meet with students twice a week.  I felt fortunate because I love my job!

With every lesson I get to watch my students blossom.  In my mind, a beginning student arrives in the form of a rose bud.  Through their practice and my teaching, we get to observe the rose bud grow and open up into a gorgeous flower.  I love watching students' voices blossom and with that, their self-confidence.  I love witnessing students do things they never thought possible.  So rewarding and joyful!

There are so many things that are helpful to developing one's voice aside from practicing exercises and pieces.  One of those things is yoga.  Week after week during the spring semester I cajoled students into pleeeeaaaaasssse taking yoga classes.  There is even a free yoga class every week at the college!  Aside from making the body stronger, yoga teaches us self-love, self-acceptance.  It helps us to open up the body and improve our posture.  And many times, week after week, I'd hear "well, I *tried* to go to yoga."  Or, "I *tried* to practice that."  I'd laugh and say, "so that means no, right?  You didn't do it?"  Hahaha!  They can't get away with anything!  I would repeatedly tell them-  "If I can get myself out of bed and to an 8:30 a.m. yoga class, you can too!"

I was very amused then, while reading an article today.  I ran across this quote.  It is from Star Wars.

"Do or do not.  There is no try!"



People!  Immerse yourselves in whatever helps you improve your art!

-me :-)

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