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In My Own Words

(3/22/2016) I recently had the pleasure of reconnecting with a student who had been a part of my studio at the college where I teach.  She'd been away from singing for a while and wanted to invest again in training her voice.  I could understand her ache to sing very well.  That calling haunts us until we choose to feed it.  I surprised myself by getting emotional as I told her of my own experience-- classical singing brings me a joy and a connection to myself that no other person or circumstance can match.  It is a unique joy by which my life has been tested and enriched.

The relationship to one's voice is as deeply personal, cyclical, and rich as our relationships to our spouses, family and friends.  I've worked with peoples' voices for many years in a variety of settings:  performing, teaching and directing.  Along the way, I've definitely gathered some insight!  As artists, we give...we use our art to bring more beauty to the world.  How often do artists allow themselves to receive?  How do we continually fuel ourselves so that we bring the best version of ourselves to the table?

I've spent the last several years studying opera and classical art songs..... learning to sing other people's words!  On this page, I will share some of my own.  Scroll down to read my most recent posts!

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