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Feldeinsamkeit: Field Solitude

(8/11/2018) I was first introduced to "Feldeinsamkeit" or "Field Solitude" by Johannes Brahms by the first accompanist I performed with on recital, Kristian Banatzianou. Years ago, he sent me an mp3 of the accompaniment that he had recorded.  He was living in Cleveland at the time and I remember writing him and saying, "Thanks! I can still sing with you even though you're far away!"

Last year when I was planning my fall recital, this piece started to float through my head. And it felt meaningful, as Kristian passed away before reaching the age of 40 just a couple of years ago. It was almost as if the text of this piece was a message from afar:

I rest quietly in the tall green grass And for a long time send my gaze aloft, Surrounded by the unceasing whir of crickets. The lovely white clouds drift by Through the deep blue, like beautiful, silent dreams; I feel as through I am long dead And drift blissfully along through eternal space.

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