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Become Your Dream


* Dream big!  It's your dream, don't put limits on it!  Have some fun thinking about the best case scenario!

* Share your dreams with those who will be truly supportive.  Those types of friends are sometimes few and far between.  Don't let others rain on your parade and convince you that your dreams are not worth following or impractical, etc.  Empower yourself  and be the judge of what is best for you.

* Write things down.  I had a reminder of this last week.  I've had a lot of dreams, goals and visions for my life in my head.  This week, I put them on paper.  The last time I did this, every single goal on the paper came true.  It was an amazing experience to find the paper a year after all of the goals had been accomplished.  I had long forgotten about the paper.  Hint:  think of what you say at the end of a sentence like this...."I've always wanted to....."

*  I learned from a wise woman this week that in order to accomplish your goals, you need to be willing to change.   What new habits can be engaged to help us achieve our goals?  Also, which habits do we need to let go?  Give this some thought.

*  I once heard someone say, "The word is your wand."  Use your magic wand wisely and create something wonderful!

*  Finally, love and appreciate yourself enough to know that you deserve to follow your dreams and have them realized.  It's not selfish to follow our dreams.  I believe we each have a purpose and very often, it's wrapped up in the things that most excite us!

*  Go ahead, write some things down!  :-)

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