2020:  Celebrating 25 Years of Music Instruction

Yes, the name of my website is indeed Martha Lopez, soprano. 


However, my life in music began at age 6 with piano lessons. 


I hold a Bachelor's degree in Music in piano. 






If you...

are a parent or guardian of a child who'd like to learn piano

are a young adult preparing for college piano auditions

are an adult who is completely new to the instrument

are an adult with some piano experience and would like to refresh your memory and learn more

If you are excited to learn...

how to read music

how to read rhythms

proper keyboard technique

a wide variety of piano literature

how to achieve a wide breadth of expression at the piano

Or perhaps you...

want to bring your keyboard technique to the next level

could use some assistance in improving your artistry at the piano

would benefit from learning new, efficient techniques for practice and memorization

would like to bring your performances to the next level

I am very happy to help.

The typical student comes for a 60 minute piano lesson once per week, either on person or online via Zoom or Skype.  Children beginning lessons between the ages of 6 and 8 can start with a 30 minute lesson.

For beginning students, there are a variety of piano method books that I have used with great success over the years.  You will learn to read music and will begin playing simple songs within the first lesson.  As the student advances, we incorporate literature from a variety of sources in order to keep lessons varied and interesting.

Piano students will...

learn scales, cadences and arpeggios in major and minor keys

learn about music theory

learn the vocabulary of music

learn various keyboard exercises, such as Hanon, Czerny and Heller

learn whatever fun pieces they like as their skill level grows

Of course, what the student gains from their piano lessons is dependent on how committed they are to consistent practice.  Those who do so inevitably have more fun, because they learn more quickly and see the fruits of their labor more readily.


You can schedule a Zoom video conference with Martha by clicking here.

I am happy to meet prospective students over Zoom to answer any questions you may have.


If you prefer a phone call or e-mail response, fill out the form below!​ 

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