For the Heart, From the Heart

The photography for this recording was taken in late August 2017, on the island of Maui. The time I get to spend in Maui is a boon to my spirit and creativity. As my departure was approaching, Hurricane Harvey was wreaking havoc on the gulf coast of Texas. My flight home was routed through Houston and my departure from Maui was delayed by two days.

I arrived home a week before Hurricane Irma decided to close in on the state of Florida. At one point, it appeared that the area where I live might sustain a direct hit. The storm shifted inland before reaching Sarasota. I felt immense gratitude that my city was spared, but sadness for the areas that sustained much damage. Shortly thereafter, the world watched in horror as Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico. Our country was battered in multiple ways this fall. There were wildfires in the Pacific Northwest and the horrific shooting in Las Vegas.

I prepared for this recital from mid-summer through the fall. With each passing day, the recital became more than just an evening to share beautiful music with an audience. It became an opportunity to serve my community after all of the storms we've weathered together, locally and nationally. This is why both the recital and recording are named, "For the Heart, From the Heart." I know that in moments of crisis, good music can elevate our minds and soothe our hearts. A generous portion of the proceeds from this concert benefit hurricane relief efforts by the American Red Cross. As a result, both artists and concert-goers alike gave from the heart on the evening of November 4, 2017.