It's for You...for Christmas

The creation of this Christmas recording has been made possible by nothing less than a web of friendship.  I have been very lucky to continually work with amazing professionals who are also great friends.  Thank you to pianist Lurray Myers for her masterful skill, kindness and steadfast encouragement.  Thank you to Matt DeSear for his expertise and for creating a fun and supportive atmosphere in which to record.  Thank you to talented artist and illustrator Julia Guthrie for her beautiful depiction of my young friend and model for the front cover, Hannah Nichols.  Special thanks to shining star Hannah as well as her mother Jamie, who has been a sister and constant friend despite having lived with me for three years as my roommate in college!  My gratitude to my dear friend Vanessa Targino.  A woman of many talents, her skill as a graphic designer graces this album.It’s for you…for Christmas was recorded in the spirit of fun.  It is a hybrid of both classical and popular works that I hope will bring some cheer to your home this holiday season.  Special thanks to my family, friends, and supporters – I appreciate your kindness and encouragement.  Thank you to every person who has provided fuel and inspiration for me as an artist.  Lucky for me, there are too many of you to name.  Just know– this one’s for you.  Merry Christmas.